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Steeple StreetSteeple Street

Aug 16 Added an anecdote from Al Barkley

Built c1793-1847, photos starting from July 2005. HABS/HAER photo from 1958. Currently one of the oldest standing buildings in Providence.

Bootleggers/Shooters nightclubBootleggers/Shooters nightclub

Aug 16 Added an anecdote from Rich B

Built ??, vacant Since 2000. Photos since May 2004. A former nightclub under many different names – demolished winter 2011.

32 Branch Avenue32 Branch Avenue

Aug 16 Added an anecdote from Michelle

Built 1930s?, photos starting April 2004.

Marvel GymMarvel Gym

Aug 16 Added an anecdote from Ed Roy

Built 1927 as a gym and recreation center for Brown University. Photos started the summer 2001, and demolition was complete by summer, 2002. This building was one of the first ten to get added to AIR.

Rau FastnerRau Fastner

Jul 17 Added an anecdote from Chris Padula

Built 1917, photos starting January 2003. A project of the West Elmwood Housing Development Corporation. Redevelopment architects Durkee Brown.

Chinese RestaurantsChinese Restaurants

Jul 17 Added an anecdote from Jacqueline Munson

Several family owned chinese restaurants want to hear from you about your memories and experiences at their fine establishments.

Fuller Iron WorksFuller Iron Works

Jul 17 Added an anecdote from John

Built 1893 – produced heavy-machine castings, water pipes, steam engines, and other heavy-metal products. Torn down in February, 2012.

Eddy Carriage HouseEddy Carriage House

Jul 17 Added an anecdote from Kaitlyn A. Frolich

Built 1875, photos starting April 2007. Stone, Carpenter and Wilson, architects.

Gorham SilverGorham Silver

Jul 17 Added an anecdote from Art Zeh

Built 1890, demolition began on January 3, 1998. Photos by Erik Gould, 1997-98. National Historic Register designation. Replaced with a sort-lived Stop and Shop.

The Coro BuildingThe Coro Building

Jul 17 Added an anecdote from Melissa

Built 1929, photos starting July 2004. Frank S. Perry, architect.

Rau FastenerRau Fastener

Jul 4 Added an anecdote from PU Shauber

Bonanza Bus StationBonanza Bus Station

Jul 4 Added an anecdote from Jeffrey Allcock

Built 1963 and torn down for the construction of the RI Convention Center and Westin Hotel, late 1990s. Philemon E. Sturges, architect.

Merchants Cold StorageMerchants Cold Storage

Jul 4 Added an anecdote from Richard A Mitchell

Built 1894-1911, photos 1994. Architects Stone Carpenter and Wilson, mechanical engineer George Leach. Part of the Providence Provisions Warehouse Historic District (National Register).

Rocky PointRocky Point

Jul 4 Added an anecdote from Bob, the Duke of Apex

Built started 1847. First amusement installed 1918. Photographed June 1996. Slowly taken apart 1996 - 2002. Finally bulldozed in 2003.

Crescent ParkCrescent Park

Jul 4 Added an anecdote from Daniel Moses

A beloved amusement park that tried to stand the test of time and Six Flags type parks, 1886 – 1979. The Looff Carousel on the National Register of Historic Sites and Places in 1976.

American ScrewAmerican Screw

Jul 4 Added an anecdote from Bonnie Corman

Built 1849-1873, fire destroyed in 1971. Photos from Historic American Buildings Survey / Historic American Engineering Record, 1970. Originally located between North Main Street and Charles Street, Providence. Moshassuck Square National Register District (1970).