1320 North Main Street

Other Lost North Main Street Properties

The Ethan Allen Building (RIP)
Sears Automotive (RIP)
Sears department store
Anderson Little (RIP)
Down Under Duckpin Bowling Alley

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This little building looks like it could have been a small bank branch, but probably it was just office space. Who it was built for, we don’t know. An old sticker on the side of the building hints that it was at one time campaign headquarters for Myrth York.

This building, along with the others listed above, was one of the many vacant buildings along North Main Street from the late nineties until 2009. Why no one bothered to do something with this small, manageable project is beyond me.

At one point in 2006, when business was really good, I decided to track down the owner and see if the building was available for purchase. Taxes were paid in full, and the city listed an owner-business with an address. When I went to that address, though, somewhere on Reservoir Ave in Cranston, there wasn’t a building with that exact street number. I also couldn’t figure out what the phone number in the windows used to be. So, my search hit a dead end.

In that way, I think these buildings (all of these listed above) are a victim of demolition by neglect. Let the building rot, and eventually, the City will force you to take it down, or, be very thankful and accommodating when you apply for a demo permit. If these buildings were more interesting, people might care. As it stands, though, it’s a case of “good riddance.”

Michael Farris Aug 19 2012 This building was an Old Stone Bank branch on N. Main St at the Providence/Pawtucket line. One time when taking the bus home from Providence to Pawtucket; my mother and I saw Meredith Viera from Channel 10 reporting on a bank robbery there. That would have been in the mid-late 1970s...

Paul Mowrey Aug 11 2010 When I first came to Providence in 1962 I believe that this building was used as a branch office by the old Stone Bank.

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