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Zam’s Service Station


A cute little gas station, and a great name. Gemma seems to think it was on Allens Avenue. We’d love to have some more info about it if anyone out there has some.

Bob Zampini Jun 29 2010 Zam was my father and Zam’s Service generated so many great memories! First, to get the record straight, Zam NEVER had dogs on site (they must have been there after Zam retired and had rented the place out and before Dunkin Donuts was built). Anyway, as teenagers, my brother and I helped Zam during the summer months – I handled the front providing full service to customers (gas, oil, air, water... Oh, those overheated radiators were tough), and my brother helped Zam with car repairs in the shop. The place was like a Barney Miller sitcom – we had many “old guy” visitors such as “Smitty” (Yankee fan), “Old Pop” (Red Sox fan), and of course, “The Chief”, a Narragansett Indian who also worked with Zam during the winter and would visit in the summer to teach us how we could survive in the woods with a nail and a piece of string! It was a neighborhood with many African Americans (we were Italian) at a time (late 60s and 70s) when there was a lot of tension between blacks and whites – but many of our customers were black and we all got along so well – it shaped the person I am today, and I am proud of that.

Jim Kelly May 22 2008 I believe that Dunkin’ Donuts currently occupies the site on Eddy St (1 block north of Public Street) that was once occupied by Zam’s

Mike Blake I don’t know how long ago you posted these, but as I write this I’ve just found that “Zam” himself died only a couple of months ago. “Guido C. Zampini October 18, 2007 6:00 AM. Guido was the owner and operator of the former Zam’s Service Station in Providence for over 40 years. He was an Army Veteran of World War II and was an avid Yankees fan and a handyman who loved to fix things. He also loved to garden.” RIP Zam.

scott patterson  love the site. that photo of zam’s gives me chills. when I worked for providence dpw, I went there to pick up some tires that had been dumped there. we heard all this barking from the inside. There were several emanciate dogs, long neglected, living in filth and left for days, as far as i know. really sad.

Bob Renell  Zams was located on the corner of Eddy st. and Eudora st. I think Astro plating bought and demolished it in the late 80s

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