BASE: Advancing a post-military landscape
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Quonset Point

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Historic images

Quonset hut


Warehouse Triangle

Warehouse Triangle's open storage yards and rail lines, with public works buildings and warehouse in the distance.


In our earliest visits to Quonset and Davisville, the Warehouse Triangle's inaccessible central area was a territory of cracked asphalt traversed by low-slung warehouses, railroad spurs, and the seemingly countless rows of Quonset huts from the adjacent Camp Endicott. US Government "No Trespassing" signs posted at intervals along the fence only served to emphasize the lack of any effective means of law enforcement on the deserted site. Of all the various subsections comprising the Quonset and Davisville bases, the Warehouse Triangle and neighboring Camp Endicott seemed to convey most strongly the sense of empty abandonment that broods over this once-bustling industrial and military complex.

The sky in Davisville's Warehouse Triangle plays an important role in most photos of the site. Dusty and artificially flat, the terrain here offers an exceptionally wide view of the sky which appears to have more in common with the open prairie than coastal New England. It's tempting to imagine that in such a place the particularities of region dissolve in a generic vision of order; that the same view of distant trees, utilitarian buildings, and wide-open sky could be seen at almost any military base in America.

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