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West Davisville

Rail spur between two of West Davisville's 202,000-square-foot masonry warehouses.

The extant facility at West Davisville is located along Devil's Foot Road, amidst a large stockyard which is now used by Amtrak. It is one mile west of the main gateway to Davisville NCBC. A defunct guard tower and a small Quonset hut are the only original structures that are visible from the road.

The West Davisville Temporary Advance Facility performed the short-lived but important role of manufacturing the first Quonset huts, and it was here that the necessary and noisy process of bending the huts' corrugated steel siding was developed. Work on the facility began in 1942, shortly after the designs for the Quonset hut were approved, and was completed in under a month. Eleven weeks after the facility's construction, the first huts were shipped out of Davisville's Advance Base Depot. 32,253 Quonset huts were produced at West Davisville during the early war years before manufacture was transferred to the Stran Steel Corp. in Michigan.

Any structures related to the Quonset hut's manufacture are now long gone. Today the 70-acre site's most striking architectural features are four large flat-roofed masonry warehouses. Built in 1953, these general bulk storage buildings are among the largest warehouses in Quonset/Davisville, each with 202,206 square feet of interior space. Each building forms an unbroken white line extending back 1,000 feet.

West Davisville's original water tower has been dismantled. A white, rounded water now looms over the former Naval housing along Devil's Foot Road, in sharp contrast to a graffiti-covered concrete block pumphouse located near its base.

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