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Sounds / mp3s / podcasts

Brown Student Radio, an online archive of some interesting shows. Follow these links to their archive page with links for mp3 or Real Audio streams:

Bike Talk :: Yes, like BUR's Car Talk, only Providence style, therefore, it's about bikes.

Off the Beat :: radio stories about our surroundings in an NPR style.
An interview with Herb Weiss:
An interview with J Hogue:

Not your Classroom :: one on one conversations with local scholars

The Providence Sound :: only a few shows, but an interesting aural peek into some of Providence's neighborhoods

Movies about our Locals

Fox 25 News on YourTube :: An interview with Mike Brousseau, originator of the ubiquitous Providence moustache tattoo.

MP3’s about the Arts and Mills

Focus RI (NPR) interview with Cliff Wood :: (3.2 mb 5:34) This broadcast of Debra Becker’s interview with Cliff Wood is archived here in MP3 format. They are talking about the evictions that recently happened in Olneyville on Oak and Troy streets.

Robin Amer audio documentary on the Olneyville evictions :: (3 mb 5:16) Robin Amer produced a short piece about the evictions on Troy and Oak Streets in early 2005. Originally aired on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Robin Amer’s interview with Rick Greenwood :: (6.2 mb 6:50) Robin tours Olneyville’s Atlantic Mills with Rick Greenwood, from the RI Historical Preservation and Heritage Commission, and gets a short history lesson.

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