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Quonset hut


Camp Endicott

In June of 1942, the George A. Fuller Company began construction of a training camp for 14,000 men on 475 acres of land annexed from the Advance Base Depot in Davisville. Fifty-nine days later, more than 200 buildings for the Naval Construction Training Center at Camp Endicott were complete. These included barracks, officers' quarters, mess halls, galleys, recreation facilities, drill halls, maintenance facilities, and latrines as well as an indoor rifle range, commissary, hospital, laundry, and bakery. At the peak of construction, over 3,500 tradesmen worked day and night, and two lakes and a swamp were filled. Davisville was graded, filled and leveled in a manner rivaling the work done at Quonset the year before, and the present wide open landscape was created. Though it was originally set aside for preservation, Camp Endicott was the first area to undergo demolition in preparation for the current Davisville revitalization effort. Today little remains of this unique landscape where thousands of Seabees learned their trades.

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Maintenance shop and Bldg. B-11, last remaining elephant hut in Camp Endicott.

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