BASE: Advancing a post-military landscape
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Quonset Point

 Admin. Triangle
 W'house Triangle
 Camp Endicott
 Camp Thomas
 Adv. Base Depot
 Adv. Base Proving
 West Davisville


Historic images

Quonset hut



Erik Carlson and Erica Carpenter

Erica Carpenter and Erik Carlson

Photography Consultant
Erik Gould

Film Processing & Printing
ABAR Colorlabs, Providence, R.I.

CD/Web Site Design & Execution
Seth Carlson (

Book Fabrication
Debora Dormody, If'n Books & Marks

Cover Design
Debora Dormody & Erik Carlson

Book Design
Erik Carlson

Grant Agency
Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities

Sponsoring Organization
Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission

Project Director:
Erik Carlson

Historic Advisor
W. McKenzie Woodward, RIHPHC

Financial Officer
Marie Jemery, RIHPHC

Curatorial Assistance (exhibit)
Sara Agniel and Erik Gould

Additional Exhibit Assistance
Erik Gould, Frank Mullin, Corwin Butterworth

All photographs and text are by Erik Carlson and Erica Carpenter, unless noted otherwise. These images and text are the property of Erik Carlson and Erica Carpenter, © copyright 2000, and may not be reproduced without permission. Any reproduction must be accompanied by proper credit.


BASE: Advancing a Post-Military Landscape was undertaken with the support of a Humanities Resource Grant from the Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities, a state affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Additional funding and support was provided by the following organizations:

  • ABAR Colorlabs, Providence, R.I.
  • Rhode Island Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission (sponsor)
  • Washington Trust Bank, North Kingstown, R.I.
  • Ocean State Oil, Davisville, R.I.
  • Aetna Bridge, Davisville, R.I.
  • LJM Packaging, Davisville, R.I.
  • Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels Architects, Providence, R.I.
We would like to thank our sponsors for their kind donations of the finances, materials and assistance that made this project possible.

In addition to these sponsors, we would like to thank the following people whose involvement was critical to the success of this project. It would not have been possible without their assistance, guidance and support:
Erik Gould, Drake Patten, Maithrayee Bhattacharyya, W. MacKenzie Woodward, Seth Carlson, Sara Agniel, Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation, Jack Sprengle, Frank Mullin, Deb Dormody, Tanya Pedneau-Bernard, Marguerite Tarter, ABAR staff, Marie Jemery, Rick Greenwood, Arek Galle, Jane Civins, Corwin Butterworth, Paul Fournier, Ed Turner and the RI Seabee Veterans, the partners at Durkee, Brown, Viveiros & Werenfels Architects, J.D. Kessler, Kristin Carlson, Peter Goldberg, Jane Jackson, Heather Watkins, and the Brothers Thibodeau.

Special thanks must be extended to Erik Gould, who not only generously provided his technical expertise and critical guidance throughout, but also volunteered countless hours of his time to the realization of all aspects of this project. His encouragement, advice and friendship has been invaluable.

Seth Carlson also deserves our special thanks (and apologies) for his help in creating and organizing this digital archive. We never imagined how long it would take. Thank you.

Archive information

All original negatives are on file with the authors. Copies of this book and CD-Rom, as well as prints of the original photographs may be obtained by contacting Erik Carlson and Erica Carpenter through the Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities:

Rhode Island Committee for the Humanities
385 Westminster Street Suite 2
Providence, RI 02903
Tel: 401.273.2250
Print archives of approximately 200 of these images are available on file at the following locations. The archives consist of 4" x 6" color prints.
R.I. Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission
Old State House
150 Benefit Street
Providence, RI 02903
Tel: 401-222-2678

R.I. Historical Society Library
121 Hope Street
Providence, RI 02906
Tel: 401-331-8575

A traveling exhibit of BASE visited locations around Rhode Island in 2000 and 2001. The exhibit contained approximately 60 images, which have been deposited in the collection of the Rhode Island Historical Society / Heritage Harbor Museum, Providence, R.I.

Traveling Exhibit Locations

  • Gallery Agniel, Providence, R.I. (2000)
  • North Kingstown Public Library, North Kingstown, R.I. (2000)
  • Rhode Island State Archives, Providence, R.I. (2000)
  • Vernacular Architecture Forum 2001 Annual Meeting, Newport, R.I. (2001)
  • Cranston Public Library, Cranston, R.I. (2001)
  • The Museum of Work & Culture, Woonsocket, R.I. (2001)
  • University of Rhode Island Library, Honors Colloquium, Kingston, R.I. (2001)
  • National Trust for Preservation Conference, 2001, Providence, R.I. (2001)

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