BASE: Advancing a post-military landscape
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Quonset Point

 Admin. Triangle

 W'house Triangle

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Historic images

Quonset hut


Warehouse Triangle

East elevation of metal gable roof warehouse W-4.

The Warehouse Triangle occupies a broad, 250-acre swath of land between the Administrative Triangle, Camp Thomas, and Camp Endicott, along Davisville Road. As its name suggests, this area was used primarily for the storage of goods and materials en route to or from the Advanced Base Depot. The Warehouse Triangle's 61 remaining structures offer a showcase of the era's various warehouse construction types, including metal gabled roof, metal and masonry bowstring truss, monitor gabled, flat roof masonry, and wooden bowstring truss. Some of these structures stand side by side in pairs, but most are placed at angles to one another, forming irregular V's and triangles rather than the orderly grids found at the Quonset site. This layout reflects the new understanding, acquired at Pearl Harbor, that a gridded arrangement of buildings makes an easy target for enemy aircraft.

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